Friday, 5 February 2016

On hold

Hello all

Thanks for my comments on the last post. I had every intention of getting back to regular posting as I do love the interaction with my blogging gang. But life just keeps getting in the way. So am going to put the blog on hold for a while just while we get a bit sorted here. There's no big dramas but lots of little things that are just taking all my energy at the moment. I hope you can all stick around as I intend to get back to it.
Take care, will keep reading you. Xx


  1. Sorry to hear that things are not quite right. You need to do what is right and imortant for you and when the time's right to come back you will know.
    Hope all goes well for you soon.

  2. I've only just got back to blogging. I had a three month break. Life just gets in the way sometimes x we all be here when you get back x

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  4. Come back as soon as you can - Take care

  5. Sometimes you need a break from things. I don't think the blogging community will vanish. Take care Hazz :-)

  6. Very much looking forward to your return!