Sunday, 5 July 2015

Reversing horror


Nice day in the country my friend and I thought. Visit a mini bronze age henge and feel the peace. Which we did. There's going to be a but...can you sense it. To keep the mood going we thought we would visit a second one. Strewth. Half way up a very very steep tiny country lane it bent to the sharpest left turn I have ever faced. The car decided nope cannot manage that and came to a sulky stall. We rolled back. The handbrake decided nope cannot do that and let us roll. Now I can drive safely forward but get me reversing and it can go a little bit wrong. Ask the dry stone wall that the car's bumper kissed on the toilet stop.
We kept rolling and I kept steering...into bushes and more dry stone walls. In my defence the lane was about the width of my car, which is tiny. Rolling back we aimed for a little parking area we had spotted. I had to keep getting out of the hedges by roaring forward a little making the noise a rally car does. All the time praying that we did not meet another car going in either direction as it was a series of sharp bends.
What a relief it was to turn and go back to forwards driving.  Not going there again.

Take care x