Friday, 20 February 2015

Choc buttons and noisy neighbours

Hello all.

Happy Friday everyone. Takeaway eaten, Eastenders watched. Contemplating a little ol drink before bed.

Have sadly found the thing that our little mice cannot resist - chocolate buttons. Got one last night and one this morning. I don't cry now but feel dreadful still. I know some are in the brick sheds that are attached to our house but they keep themselves to themselves. I could even live with the ones in the floorboards if I wasn't scared of them getting in the kitchen.

What I cannot live with is my noisy neighbour. Now fair dues we make some noise, just normal noise. And actually she is not that noisy but my god she is a moaner. So that makes the noise she is currently making hard for me to take. I think they have bought some sort of surround sound TV and it is f*****g pounding through the wall and really affecting my bulging ear drums (they are back). Anyone else I would accept this as I  know it will stop eventually. She has made me so self conscience of every noise we make after her complaining ways. And as for trees...she really does not stop about trees in our garden. I have had many chopped down to satisfy her, so many the council now refuse to chop anymore. On the day I told her my mum, her neighbour for over a decade had died she finished the conversation with a comment about her friend trimming my cherry plum tree sometime. I was restrained and walked away.

Rant over.

Have a nice weekend. Have you got plans? I hope to see my auntie, she started her chemo today.

Take care

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Worker Bee

Hello all and thank you for your comments. The mice are still causing sleepless nights as Susie carries on her sniffling hunt through the early hours. I left more lights on last night and it seemed a bit calmer - less scurrying - although that could be due to the fact I passed out through mice induced exhaustion and a minor IBS attack.

I have now been in my job for just over 3 months and am now really getting to grips with things. Especially this last month it feels like things have really clicked into place. There are still a few mistakes and some nervousness but it's getting better. The turning point came when my boss was poorly and also having to go on site a lot. So I began devising my own routine and processes to get the work done.
It helps that my boss is very brave and leaves me to do important stuff alone with only a cursory glance at the figures. I'm never let lose with the bank payments though - thank goodness.
The people I work with are funny and interesting. They make me laugh a lot and being mainly men it is quite an education. Breed apart for sure ha.

Isn't it a relief when the low lack of energy feeling post virus begins to lift. I've done a long work day, a quick dash to pick up son after footie via the supermarket, made pancakes, washed up, made dinner, washed up and then did a pile of washing. In time to sit down to watch a little footie on TV.  Mind you am ready for bed but it's a normal feeling not the washed out heavy miserable feeling I've had.

Take care x

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Mice and Fined.


Sorry for the long pause. We've both had a virus at different times and it has just knocked me out. Unfortunately the anti biotics (some of my virus was probably bacterial) didn't agree with me, again. So I've had to stop them and am just trying to ignore the symptoms creeping back. Something I learnt was that a perforated ear drum will heal itself. I have had a build up of fluid behind the ear drums hence the popping and pain as the drums bulge. I googled pictures of it and it's fascinating. Luckily they have not perforated as the pics of holes looked a bit painful.

We have mice! I have to be honest straight away and tell you I put a trap down and caught one. The horror of it, hearing the decisive snap. I made my son go up and peer before I could even move. I kept sending him up to make sure it was dead and not trapped and suffering. Then I released it to try give a little dignity. All of this was done whilst sobbing away. I don't even kill flies you see. So to see a perfect little mammal was a bit too much.
I know there are more of them.  It is actually getting me a bit low, sometimes. Usually at 5am when they are obviously active and Susie wakes me as she sniffs and pokes at things following her instincts. The noise is so creepy and I am living in dread of them discovering the kitchen.
Very clever little creatures and normally I live and let live and let them nest in the sheds and steal the bird feed.
Peanut butter and chocolate is the bait. Cheese is a Tom and Jerry thing I guess. Too many cartoons growing up.

So rising damp, mould and now mice have finally activated me and have rejoined the housing list. I had hoped my next move would be into a property I own however it's early days for a mortgage - however I have been researching them. It would be for a smaller property and hopefully a family would get to fill every space of this lovely big house.

I have now received my first non library fine. Driving in a bus lane. The camera has only just gone up and the council must be raking it in as so many have been caught out. I have never witnessed such an adherence to rules as people queue and indicate to enter the lane correctly since the camera went up. Banged to rights and you even get a little photo of your car as a souvenir. For five years I've snuck in a few feet too early. Pedantic or fair rent for that bit of road? Depends on my mood.