Thursday, 29 January 2015

Bloody car...again.


Thank you for my lovely positive comments yesterday, they were very appreciated.

The other day I thought my steering wheel was feeling odd. Pulsing. Had a rumble feature like the x box controller. Turned out it was a flat tyre. Somehow I have managed to drive around for days with a tyre pressure of 7. oops. Yay for the AA. A nail through it was to blame.

Mad moment today of dog choking on a pigs ear whilst son was hysterical with a bug burrowing in his ear. Substituted a bit of sausage for pigs ear and watched creature fly out of  human's ear. No wonder the dinner burnt.

Does anyone have any ideas for removing mould from walls against the window. I cannot use bleach products. I have tried natural things like bicarb or tea tree oil and I either did it wrong or have extra strong mould. The council house inspector was not interested and told me to just keeping wiping it off. Was hoping to avoid the mega chemical stuff that B and Q sell but I may have to go for it having just found another batch that the cactus was hiding from me.
All ideas gratefully accepted and will be tried.

Bet you missed this blog. More car problems and disgusting mould pictures.

There, that makes up for it.
Take care

Monday, 26 January 2015

Nice to be back

Hello all.

Hope you are all well.

Thank you so much for all your kind words. Life goes on (thankfully) and we (the family) are adapting to having another member with cancer. My lovely auntie has had surgery and is now to embark upon the next stage of treatment. An amazing lady she is accepting whatever comes her way to keep her alive and well and I love her immensely. She is the younger sister of my late mum and it is like having a little bit of my mum when I see her. I step back as carer this time and am on the sidelines as a supporter. She has a marvellous husband and children who are really looking after her.

The triviality of life has been going on. I have nearly been in my job for 3 months. And although I sometimes have dippy days that must make my boss want to rip his hair out I feel I am getting to grips with things. I must enjoy it because I never get the Sunday slump when you realise it's back to work. I think working part time helps though.

I am still gluten free although I have had a few dips and have suffered for it. I have since read that one should attend the doc before going gf. But I think it's to identify coeliac and I feel sure I am not.

I have never wished a season away but I really am this time. I want the long light nights, the doors and windows open, playing footie in the garden and growing my veg again.
I have a much clearer idea of what to grow and what to reduce this time- the courgettes. Also the tomatoes. I did not enjoy the toms last year and turned them all into passatta (Cro's magnificent recipe).  Peas and beans are top of my list as they were delicious.

Does anyone find a difference with the type of seed they buy? Cheap Lidl versus Suttons etc.

Take care


Monday, 12 January 2015

Thank You

Thank you for your lovely messages. What a great supportive bunch you are. Will get my act together and post again soon


Sunday, 4 January 2015

Not posting for a while

Hi everyone thanks for the Christmas wishes.

Just after Christmas I was told a close relative of mine is very ill. She has had surgery and is now waiting for the next course of treatment. We are all still quite shell shocked and it kinda feels like nothing matters too much till she gets well. So I may not post for a while unless the mood takes me. Will keep reading the blogs though.

Take care xx