Thursday, 24 September 2015

Back to it

Hello all. I've been neglecting blogging again. I am finding that I don't always feel like I have much to say and am more content to read others. Even the comments drop off. But I am often lurking.

I have been trying out a martial art called Wing Chun, it's  a form of kung fu. A friend from work is well into it and suggested the taster sessions. I have always had trouble with coordination and it has not improved with age. As a child I would tap perfectly with my right foot but my left could not join in and would regularly trip me up. I soon hung up my tap shoes. In adulthood the step aerobic teacher seemed to think I  was clowning about when I fell of the step. I wasn't I  just could not coordinate stepping and arm exercises. Wing chun has been no different so far. Still it's a different sort of exercise and it's not every day you can legitimately punch a work colleague.
It is a form of close range combat and is very alien to me. I wondered if that is because I am female and have been programmed into non aggression. Not that anyone is aggressive, it is very contained and disciplined. But I think you know what I  mean. I have never seen a martial art film, I've not even seen a James Bond or Rambo film. The attacks and blocks do hurt and that may be the undoing of me rather than the lack of coordination. Also I see a steely glint in the mens eyes and a look of determination that is totally lacking in mine.
Although week 3 of this little martial art adventure saw me punching the pads with a degree of accuracy and pleasure that was lacking who knows.

Take care x

Monday, 7 September 2015

Hopeful post


Overheard in asda today a mum saying to her toddler
'No darling you can't  marry me because I'm  married to daddy you have to find a girl or boy of your own to marry one day'.

Almost helped block out the couple on the right handside till to me having a domestic and the kid on the left one having a melt down cos her ma said no.


Friday, 4 September 2015

Short post

I may have to rethink the cushion blockade to keep her off the sofa.


Tuesday, 1 September 2015

One of those days post


Such a cliche but a true one. Tues after a bank holiday is busy because wages must be paid. On a Monday the pressure is lessened by knowing Tuesday is the fallback day. So the software decided it needed to update this morning which often spells disaster. Right on cue it crashed. Support then remotely take over the pc and resurrected it...eventually. It took them a few attempts to log on. But they got there and the wage run began. Next stumbling block the contract I have to assign the work to was not set up. My weak spot and my main boss was still on hols. Boss no 2 and I stumbled through it eventually. Getting on for midday  and still no one was paid. The hope was the bank didnt let us down and that boss no 2 could log on...his weak spot. Phew by lunch all were paid.

I breathed a sigh of relief until poor son texted "the toilet has gone odd again".

Booking the afternoon off I set off home ready to glove up and plunge. It happens every few months and we are getting adept at spotting it before as opposed to after...which can be messy. My diy plunging has failed this time so we are now cross leggedly waiting for the plumber. I have been assured it was put to a high priority but 3 hours later my bladder is losing faith. May have to go on a hunt for the camping bucket. Bet ya that I just get started when they turn up. I really wish I did not have that beaker of ribena at work.

Wonder when I can go to bed?

Take care x