Friday, 5 February 2016

On hold

Hello all

Thanks for my comments on the last post. I had every intention of getting back to regular posting as I do love the interaction with my blogging gang. But life just keeps getting in the way. So am going to put the blog on hold for a while just while we get a bit sorted here. There's no big dramas but lots of little things that are just taking all my energy at the moment. I hope you can all stick around as I intend to get back to it.
Take care, will keep reading you. Xx

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Writers block

I am sorry for being away so long. Have missed you all as have not even been reading blogs. No idea why I dipped away from it all for so long. I think because I have no true aim with this blog atm that it faded away from me. Sometimes I  would compose a blog in the day in my mind but never physically type it out. No reason not to read the blogs though.
I seem to be floating through my days at the moment with no clear aim other than keeping going. Not in an unhappy way just an undefined way. Plans will be made eventually but not yet. I will know when.
Also on a practical point I do not like typing up my blog on this tablet much but my poor old laptop needs a healthcheck.
Hope everything is going well I should know soon as will try and read up on the blogs soon. All is meandering along here. Few health probs but we are trying to sort them out. School will be at an end in a few months and new beginnings will follow for son. Exciting and sad all at the same time. Work is good but decisions are needed. More money is needed and so more hours of work will need to be found. I am beginning to keep an eye out for a second job. I need to think about some study maybe as well. I am not a planner but I  think plans are needed, eventually.
My little darling is still well if not a little plumper after Christmas. So we both diet and both keep forgetting we are dieting.
Take care, will try and catch up with my reading now. X