Wednesday, 24 September 2014



Am not posting much at the moment. Not much is happening really. Same old same old and although not too boring for me could potentially send you to sleep.
My job search area has widen and my chosen occupation is as flexible. Sixth form for the lad seems to be going well and the dog is getting more and more neurotic. Did I mention her aversion to loud engine noises, which makes a walk in a city park a bit tricky. I am trying to find rescue remedy for pets...if anyone has found a shop that sells it I would appreciate a quick comment telling if you've time. My poor little doggy I hope it may settle her a little, the human version is no good as is preserved(!!) in alcohol.

I did my work experience/voluntary data inputting this morning. Always nice to be sat at a desk working away...even better to receive some pay one day. There was a mention of some petrol expense a while ago but that's gone by the by for now I reckon. I get a great referee for my cv for it so fair play. Then I had a couple of hours with 2 great friends. We became friends through our boys playgroup and 13 years later we are consoling and comparing the terrors of having teenagers.

I'm having car trouble. It's an old un and at the weekend I spent £340 on her. Now there is a rattle noise that has replaced the shake of the old clutch. Sigh. She has a new clutch, new tyre, new exhaust and a handbrake that now works. Weirdly one of the hubcaps is getting very overheated. So back I soon as I hear back from my mechanic. Who is a wonderful and trustworthy youngster who keeps me on the road with the odd assist from the AA - one tiny screwdriver in the road but my little car managed to seek it out and drive over it and blow the tyre to kingdom come. Probably the same locator that finds every single pot hole.

But you know what none of that matters. I have a regular band of people I dog walk with. And there's a few we meet occasionally. One of who is very ill and having a lot of medical treatment. When I see the look in the eyes of the partner and carer - the helpless half - I know that nothing matters other than having health and happiness for the people around me and myself.

Take care. x

Thursday, 18 September 2014

21 again!!!!!


It's my birthday today. Have had a lovely day with cards and loving greetings from family and friends. It's my 2nd birthday since my mum died and the gap she left seems larger on days like these. No card with a beautiful message where she truly meant every word.


one our happy days

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Oi Snow White your men are in the jobcentre

Hello. Thanks for comments need to start answering them like I used to as I enjoy that bit.

I did my 3rd signing on this week. I have had Ballbreaker, Nicey and this week I had Jobsworth. Maybe it will be Dopey next time. It's a fairly painless process for me as I can present a good list of searches and applications I do every day. I mentioned the voluntary data input work I do for a few hours each week. It's at the adult learning centre where I have done all my courses. It's a way of keeping my hand in with the software I have learned and also the manager acts as a current referee for me. Apparently next time I sign on I must sign a form giving the details while the jobcentre then decide if I can continue with it. Even though it's probably the main thing I do that will convince someone to employ me. It's not with a charity and so they have to assess if I am doing something I should be paid for. God give me strength or is just me.

I nearly gained a cat today. A tiny ginger cat who I suspect is still a kitten was hanging around. Have fussed it a lot and also been clawed when she spotted Susie. I have kept an eye all day and she kept reappearing until school out time. But a while later a gentle knock of the door, that always produces hysteria from Susie. I eventually caught up with her and shoved her in the kitchen. Opening the door revealed a mum and 2 little children and a tiny ginger cat happily held in little arms. They had been followed home and were now trying to track the owners. I explained and she decided to pop to the vet in case of micro chips and then would decide what to do. The eldest girl knew what was needed as little ginger curled up for a nap in her arms and I had to agree with her. Sadly I knew that little kit deserved all the love the little ones were desperate to give. I asked them to pop back one day and fill me in on Ginger. We were all unanimous on the name.
Half hour later they were back. No chip and unusually Ginger is a girl. But also the man of the house has spoken and Ginger cannot live with them. I wish he had been there to see his little girl crying clutching the cat. Tears dropping into her fur while all the little kids off the street wandered into the garden to see what was occurring. Lots of volunteers to take the cat home until I pointed out it was not mine to give away. Wonder how many angry parents would have been round this evening if I'd agreed.
My plan was to make her comfy while we were out at football practise but with the outhouse door ajar. Dinner time may be the time for her to return home. We dashed back equipped with kitten feed but so far no kitty. O well. Will keep looking though. Hopefully she is happily curled up asleep at home with a lovely full belly. Still think she was too tiny to be out and about all day.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

sssh! don't tell

Hello, thanks for comments on my last post.

I've not told anyone I blog. Well except my son and big sis, although they don't know the title to look it up. I'm not secretive, private yes, sometimes shy but not often.  And  I do not write anything I would not say aloud. And yet it has become quite a personal thing for me but I can be like that with things I write.

I love the wide variety of people in my blog feed. So many people I would probably never get the chance to hear from ordinarily. And some even post photos which is great for a nosey person. I blame the nursing for nosiness. I do love to know how people live their lives. I still have that bouncy puppy enthusiasm/curiosity for  blogging. It's like when I first started home ed and was happy to discuss all aspects of it. Then all of a sudden 10 years later I was a bit burnt out by it all and avoiding the happy puppies that bounded up to me full of enthusiasm because they had just started it. Bet I sound a right narky cow ha. But doesn't matter I suppose cos it's my blog and I can be narky.

Now just so there is a point to this post I will mention this website. It has just been on a tv show and sounds wonderful.


Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Distracted by fresh air


Have been terribly distracted so have not been posting. Have not even been able to settle to read a book. Other than job hunting my brain won't settle to much. I have made myself sit still for this as not posting anything has begun to irritate me. I've not even settled to read many blogs either, not even the ones I have read avidly for a year.
I am not sure what the distraction is. It's like my brain is in a jumpy anticipation state. I have no idea as nothing is particularly happening apart from regular life.

Sixth form is under way and there is much excitement and motivation. Me, I'm just enjoying not ironing uniform. I hate ironing. I love washing and drying the clothes but that flipping iron is my nemesis. The clothes just get all creased again. It's like floor cleaning and dusting - the dirt is back in days. It could just be that the house is very shabby now and it irritates the virgo core of me. Not worth updating the stuff even if I could afford it.

The job hunting carries on. Yet another rejection today for a job I could do blindfold. But have found another few to apply for that I much prefer. Cannot get down about it yet as we have enough to eat etc etc. It's not like me to be so glass half full. I may even become irritatingly perky one day. But I doubt it not with these bloody early mornings. Even fell asleep this afternoon for a few minutes. But that may be the bread.
Bread. I love it but it hates me. It's back in the house because of packed lunches and the lure of marmite toast in the morning is too strong. The IBS cramps that may ensue will get me back on the straight and narrow.

Potentially the early mornings will soon disrupt the sparky electric currents in my brain and lull me back to normalness.

I know David Sedaris gets mentioned on a few of the blogs I read and I enjoy him as well. But today on radio 4 Tom Wrigglesworth did a programme that had me in tears. I could barely focus on the bol I was cooking. It was the 6.30 pm comedy slot.

I am a bit broody. But not for a baby (oh no I meant it when I said never again as that really bloody hurt). I would like another dog. However I feel Susie would not. Keep looking at websites of the local animal rescue centres. Have seen so many but I get the strong feeling to wait. Something may come along that needs me/us.

Well have posted even though its not the one I planned and I may even be a devil and not preview it.

No I previewed. Didn't edit though.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Bad timing


Thank you for following me new and old - I know many can list and name new followers I'm sorry I don't as I lose track and am bound to get it wrong.

I signed on for a second time this week. What a difference. The lad was great - softly spoken and polite. I left feeling fine and not a failure.

I missed a phone call today. No message was left but I called the number back within half an hour in case it was about a job. It was. Apparently though I was too late as she had filled all the interview slots. Now  that's a new one on me. Bad timing or what. What if I was their ideal person for the job? Now they will never have me. Bit of a bugger as it was just up the road.

Where was I when missing the phone call? Neat Segway to next bit.

I was cutting back a tree at my friend's house. My (second) cousin and friend's son - both seven then spent the next few hours creating a magnificent den. In fact she had to hack at a second one (lots of overgrown trees in a tiny garden) for more branches. Simple play that gave them hours of pleasure.
I was babysitting for the day and within 2 hours of him being with me he needed his spare set of clothes and new shoes and socks from Asda. But he had great fun in the brook with the dog...until he slipped over. My cousin knows me well and never sends him over in his 'best'.
The two 7 year old boys were a great lesson in social skills I think. One is schooled (cousin) the other home ed so they rarely meet. I think perhaps this is their 3rd meeting in all. They picked up where they had left off months ago, cooperated and played for hours.

I wonder if that is his first den as I had to take plenty of photos of it and I heard him say it was his best day. Which was NEARLY worth missing that phone call but not quite ha.