About Me


Have decided to rewrite my 'about me'.

My blogging tends to come in fits and starts but I enjoy doing it and have enjoyed making 'blogging friends'.

Currently I am a single mum to a son who is half way through his A levels and I work part time as an accounts clerk. Previous to this I home educated my son up to year 9 and was also a carer to my mum.
When I started the blog I had intended it to focus upon the caring I had done but I tend to be looking to the future in this blog and also am busy grounding myself in the present. Caring was one of the hardest things I have ever done but my mum was worth it.

The 'dog poo' belongs to my little rescue dog. When we went to choose a dog all I asked  was that we didn't get a little dog and not a Jack Russell. So of course we brought home a little Jack Russell.  But we love each other now.

Thank you for reading x

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