Tuesday, 1 September 2015

One of those days post


Such a cliche but a true one. Tues after a bank holiday is busy because wages must be paid. On a Monday the pressure is lessened by knowing Tuesday is the fallback day. So the software decided it needed to update this morning which often spells disaster. Right on cue it crashed. Support then remotely take over the pc and resurrected it...eventually. It took them a few attempts to log on. But they got there and the wage run began. Next stumbling block the contract I have to assign the work to was not set up. My weak spot and my main boss was still on hols. Boss no 2 and I stumbled through it eventually. Getting on for midday  and still no one was paid. The hope was the bank didnt let us down and that boss no 2 could log on...his weak spot. Phew by lunch all were paid.

I breathed a sigh of relief until poor son texted "the toilet has gone odd again".

Booking the afternoon off I set off home ready to glove up and plunge. It happens every few months and we are getting adept at spotting it before as opposed to after...which can be messy. My diy plunging has failed this time so we are now cross leggedly waiting for the plumber. I have been assured it was put to a high priority but 3 hours later my bladder is losing faith. May have to go on a hunt for the camping bucket. Bet ya that I just get started when they turn up. I really wish I did not have that beaker of ribena at work.

Wonder when I can go to bed?

Take care x


  1. Oh dear I really hope the plumber turned up quickly...

  2. Oh well, get the bucket out. It could be worse Haz.

  3. Six o clock he turned up. 30 secs later it was unblocked. He told me what sort of plunger to get. Best wee of the year that was x

  4. Fingers crossed your Wednesday is SO MUCH BETTER!!

  5. I had a similar situation here last week - within a few minutes of my son & family arriving to stay for a week, my daughter-in-law applied too much force to the cistern flush and caused the flush buttons to get stuck - and for the cistern to keep on filling. Last time this happened, it cost me £100 for a plumber to fix the problem - but I watched what he did and this time, I whipped the top of the cistern off and fixed it myself. Phew!! One out-of-use toilet and 4 guests is no joke!