Sunday, 22 November 2015

Am still here


Sorry it's been so long. I took a break and never got back in the habit of blogging. I have dropped in to read a few blogs but just not as much as I normally would.
I can be dreadful at keeping in touch generally in life as well. But I don't switch off.

Hope you are all well? Things are rubbing along nicely. As usual my little car is broken and in the garage so it's buses for Monday morning. Not done that for a while. Unfortunately she decided to break on one of the coldest and wetest nights we had had for a while. I was at work and dressed like it was still summer -the office is hot and I am not keen on coats. I resigned myself to a wet and cold walk home but my brilliant boss braved the Friday night traffic to take me home.
Work is well although I really hope I can extend my hours soon so that I am not at the mercy of the tax credit chopping George. I had intended to look for a 2nd job but my days and hours do need to be flexible for this job, so makes it hard to commit to another. Will be wonderful to be self reliant eventually.
Uni is a bigger reality now. Place is chosen and accepted so just need the hard work to pay off with good results. ABB grades are needed and predicted. Not bad for a home educator ha.

Personally I have been quite happy as I lost quite a few kilos in weight. Potentially because I have stuck rigidly to the gluten free. I have more to go to feel I am where i want to be weight wise. It's a slow progress as I don't let myself go without treats I am just cutting back on the the junk most days. I have been exercising at home with some weights but a fortnight ago I had the mother of migraines that has put me back. It affected my eyesight and I have not felt properly well since. It spurred me on to find a decent optician as mine has gone downhill in the last few years. My new one is brill and am even going for a contact lens trial in a fortnight.

Actually in a fortnight it's all happening as the council are going to fit a combi boiler. Although it will be chaos for a few days I am so excited as I have never lived in a property where hot water is on tap (do you see what I did there). Will also be going to a hospital apt to hopefully sort out my poor gluey ears.

Been so nice chatting again. Will catch up on everyone news now.

Take care. X

PS a few shots of my autumn


  1. Sorry to hear about your car, hope the repair bill is not too hefty. Glad you seem more settled despite health issues. Nice to catch up with you. Fingers crossed for the Uni place.

  2. Hi Haz, rough weekend for both of us on the football front. Never mind, we're used to it. Unusual pictures here, look like you're living in a hippy camp. Good luck with everything.x

    1. Hello, yeah lets not mention football eh. Ha love the hippy camp comment, that would be my nightmare surprisingly. This was just a day thing for home ed kids. Thanks very much x

  3. Nice to hear from you and glad all is well (car excepted!). x

  4. 'bout bloody time, glad you are back m'dear.
    Sorry about the car but looks as if life otherwise is on the up for you Hazzy, and lovely pics to boot.

    1. Well hello, how are you? I have been a lazy devil haven't I. X

    2. Well I'm up in down m'dear but generally more up these days. No harm being lazy sometimes lass ;-)

  5. Lovely to hear from you again and that you are OK'ish. Cars can be an expensive necessity, can't they? I dread MOT time myself, though the brakes need attention at present. I just wish I could find an honest garage! (A lone woman with a broken car seems to be an invitation to rob!) Please keep posting!

  6. Hi Hazzy. Nice to see you back and things are trundling along. We don't have a boiler either. Great photos. Which uni does your son want to go to?
    Hope your car is working again now.