Wednesday, 17 December 2014


Hello. I think I have a new follower, thanks very much. And to everyone else for following me.

Hope you are all well. Cannot believe how soon Christmas will be. I am making my lists now and feeling relieved each time an email arrives telling me another package has been despatched. Trying to clear a space in the freezer for Christmas meat so we had a dinner of chips, fish and ready made cauli cheese tonight. It's made a nice chicken sized gap. Need to eat our way through a bit more to create space for the Aunt Bessie spuds. I know...cheater.

I have been keeping up with the gluten free although a few errors have occurred. I have tried gf bread and if you can get over the grey pallor and chewy texture it's not too bad. Well it's somewhere to spread the honey and marmite. Although I would pay a tenner for a loaf of Happy Shopper white, gently toasted and covered in butter. mmmmh.

Had a Christmas works do. My first in years. It was very interesting and good fun. I remained sober and can remember every bit of it. Another first. Had to sit opposite a lad that luckily I rarely have to see and will never work with. The sort of person I would hate for my son to be and if I had a daughter, for her to be near.

I'm getting on at work ok. The boss seems a very fair one and doesn't sigh (to often) when I make a mistake. Each week I remember and understand more of the work and he is always willing to explain all aspects of the job.

Whose looking forward to spring? Lighter mornings and evenings. No scraping ice of the car. I am planning what I will grow this year. I will cut back on the courgettes and toms and really go for it with peas/beans. Can't decide whether to take down my mini greenhouse/shelving thingy. Wonder if it will increase it's life if I do? I do a have few things in there but it is mostly a storage /dumping ground.

My car has been suffering from old age this winter. Had to call out the AA twice in the last few weeks. And now one service and new battery later she is ticking along nicely. Probably looking forward to easing off on the school runs like I am. In fact the household does seem to be limping along towards this holiday. I think it will do us all good and give us a chance to rid us of the lethargy and germs that seem to have established themselves.

Take care everyone x


  1. I am kind of looking forward to the new year Hazzy, cannot be any worse than the last few at least! On my last night shift tonight then three weeks off to fill so hopefully I'll be able to recharge and look forward for the first time in a long time.
    And thank you for your kind words on my last post Hazzy, very much welcome.

    1. I wish I could do more. Hope you enjoy your time off x

    2. Thank you but your kind words helped somewhat, now tis time I faced life if I'm to find peace.
      I enjoy your blog and the insight it gives, enjoy the festive period me dear.x

  2. Wondered how you were getting on with the gluten free diet. Ah the delights of gf bread! I have a Xmas works do on Saturday, I have a feeling it will be a plate of vegetables for me. Glad work is going alright for you x

    1. I'm so lucky that I can have a little bit without to many side effects. Forgot to write about my struggles with gf pastry. O my goodness and the taste was awful. Hope you have fun on Saturday x

  3. I moved my little plastic growing house into the greenhouse and stuffed it with my tender plants, I hope that will keep them alive. It will soon be the solstice and the days will start drawing out, I keep looking through my seeds for next year and dreaming about rows of short beans as "hedging" for my beds. I will be using leeks and carrots as foliage plants in the front garden and filling in with frilly lettuce and anything both pretty and edible.

  4. My dad was diagnosed with celiac's earlier this year and is still getting head around what he can and can't eat. Honey and marmite? not on the same slice I hope?
    Not sure about the area you live but here near the sea we get a few high winds and I've had two mini green houses destroyed by them.
    Hope you both have a great Christmas break.