Monday, 26 January 2015

Nice to be back

Hello all.

Hope you are all well.

Thank you so much for all your kind words. Life goes on (thankfully) and we (the family) are adapting to having another member with cancer. My lovely auntie has had surgery and is now to embark upon the next stage of treatment. An amazing lady she is accepting whatever comes her way to keep her alive and well and I love her immensely. She is the younger sister of my late mum and it is like having a little bit of my mum when I see her. I step back as carer this time and am on the sidelines as a supporter. She has a marvellous husband and children who are really looking after her.

The triviality of life has been going on. I have nearly been in my job for 3 months. And although I sometimes have dippy days that must make my boss want to rip his hair out I feel I am getting to grips with things. I must enjoy it because I never get the Sunday slump when you realise it's back to work. I think working part time helps though.

I am still gluten free although I have had a few dips and have suffered for it. I have since read that one should attend the doc before going gf. But I think it's to identify coeliac and I feel sure I am not.

I have never wished a season away but I really am this time. I want the long light nights, the doors and windows open, playing footie in the garden and growing my veg again.
I have a much clearer idea of what to grow and what to reduce this time- the courgettes. Also the tomatoes. I did not enjoy the toms last year and turned them all into passatta (Cro's magnificent recipe).  Peas and beans are top of my list as they were delicious.

Does anyone find a difference with the type of seed they buy? Cheap Lidl versus Suttons etc.

Take care



  1. Glad to know you are OK. We are using the seeds we got free with a gardening magazine subscription topped off with whatever we can swap with friends and neighbours, this year.

    1. Thank you. I may seek a friend out that grows veg and try for a swap shop as well x

  2. Positive thoughts being sent your way for your Auntie xx. I too can't wait for more daylight hours, life's feeling a bit glum at the moment and I think I need some sunshine to cheer me up. We have been planning out our veg patch and I can't wait to get it started, we are very waterlogged at the moment.

    1. Waterlogged, maybe iced up now. Thanks for the thoughts x

  3. Hello,

    Oh dear, trouble does tend to come, like buses, all in one go.

    Supporting people through their illnesses can be so very wearing and draining. You must take care of yourself too. It is good that your aunt has a loving family around her at this most difficult time. That does help enormously and will surely give her the strength that she needs to cope.

    At times such as these, one does yearn for the hope and promise that Spring brings. To grow your own food is so very satisfying, not to mention healthy, and it us good that you have a plan to minimise your previous failures and build upon your successes.

    Whatever, take good care of yourself and get plenty of rest. It is good that the job is going well since that does provide a healthy form of distraction.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I feel very lucky to enjoy my job. Would be a shame and such a waste of energy to resent my work. x