Thursday, 29 January 2015

Bloody car...again.


Thank you for my lovely positive comments yesterday, they were very appreciated.

The other day I thought my steering wheel was feeling odd. Pulsing. Had a rumble feature like the x box controller. Turned out it was a flat tyre. Somehow I have managed to drive around for days with a tyre pressure of 7. oops. Yay for the AA. A nail through it was to blame.

Mad moment today of dog choking on a pigs ear whilst son was hysterical with a bug burrowing in his ear. Substituted a bit of sausage for pigs ear and watched creature fly out of  human's ear. No wonder the dinner burnt.

Does anyone have any ideas for removing mould from walls against the window. I cannot use bleach products. I have tried natural things like bicarb or tea tree oil and I either did it wrong or have extra strong mould. The council house inspector was not interested and told me to just keeping wiping it off. Was hoping to avoid the mega chemical stuff that B and Q sell but I may have to go for it having just found another batch that the cactus was hiding from me.
All ideas gratefully accepted and will be tried.

Bet you missed this blog. More car problems and disgusting mould pictures.

There, that makes up for it.
Take care


  1. Your could use borax/vinegar and hot water to remove the mould. Fingers crossed.

  2. I use Dettol Mould and Mildew on any bits of mildew I find.