Friday, 20 February 2015

Choc buttons and noisy neighbours

Hello all.

Happy Friday everyone. Takeaway eaten, Eastenders watched. Contemplating a little ol drink before bed.

Have sadly found the thing that our little mice cannot resist - chocolate buttons. Got one last night and one this morning. I don't cry now but feel dreadful still. I know some are in the brick sheds that are attached to our house but they keep themselves to themselves. I could even live with the ones in the floorboards if I wasn't scared of them getting in the kitchen.

What I cannot live with is my noisy neighbour. Now fair dues we make some noise, just normal noise. And actually she is not that noisy but my god she is a moaner. So that makes the noise she is currently making hard for me to take. I think they have bought some sort of surround sound TV and it is f*****g pounding through the wall and really affecting my bulging ear drums (they are back). Anyone else I would accept this as I  know it will stop eventually. She has made me so self conscience of every noise we make after her complaining ways. And as for trees...she really does not stop about trees in our garden. I have had many chopped down to satisfy her, so many the council now refuse to chop anymore. On the day I told her my mum, her neighbour for over a decade had died she finished the conversation with a comment about her friend trimming my cherry plum tree sometime. I was restrained and walked away.

Rant over.

Have a nice weekend. Have you got plans? I hope to see my auntie, she started her chemo today.

Take care


  1. Hey Hazzy, some people just beggar belief!! Hateful neighbour. Stop worrying about what she thinks. She clearly doesn't worry about what you think! So meet her at her own g A&E! Give her a big UP YOURS from me!! Hoping your Auntie is feeling as well as she can be xxx

  2. Meet her at her own game! Bloody auto correct!!

  3. Some people have no consideration for others and think life evolves around them. Try to ignore your neighbour and have fun with your son. Hope your Auntie responds well to her Chemo.

  4. Replies
    1. I'm ok. Having up and down moments. It's mum's funeral this Wednesday. that is going to be tough. I thought I would go back to work today but now I'm not so sure.

    2. Keep thinking about you so am glad you replied, thanks.Try and take things slowly after such a big loss and shock. Maybe a return to work may be better after the funeral. Love to you and your family. x

  5. Now that’s really an annoying person to live next with! Well, I'm just curious if you already talked to her about the noise problems. If not, then I think you should talk to her first, and ask for consideration since the noises she make really bother you. I hope you already resolved your problem with regard to this, Hazzy! Update us if you have time. :)

    Daniel Robertson @ Mark Bentley PA