Sunday, 10 May 2015

Sunny Memory

Hello all.

Now I'm not one for remembering dates and can often have hazy memories. But for once I can tell you exactly what I was doing on this day in 1980. On Facebook I have liked a West Ham united group and it gives out 'On this day ....' type posts. I was informed that on this day in 1980 West Ham won the F A cup.  Not a purely football post I promise.

I was 11 and getting ready to leave my little primary school and go to big school. We lived in  huge flat that had a roof garden where we kept our tortoises. On that day it was sunny and much to my amusement I had found our cat sleeping in the torties little crate house. I know this because my mum had taken photos of me whilst I was dressed in my West Ham t-shirt and rosette and I am pointing out the cat. We then went shopping down the local High Street as we did most Saturdays at this stage of my life. I cannot remember what we bought but I remember vividly that the pie and mash shop (how cockney will this memory get) had put a record player in the window where takeaways where ordered. It was blaring out the West Ham anthem of I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles. The whole of the high street was buzzing with energy and excitement which made it even more special as I walked along with my mum.
The 3 pm kick off found the place deserted and I kept looking out of the window fascinated by such empty streets. Then by 5pm after our one-nil victory over Arsenal (sorry Rachel) cars started shooting down the road tooting with passengers hanging out the window cheering.
The following day my mum took me to the top of our road to see West Ham bring the cup home. We joined thousands of people and I think some people lifted me onto the front wall of the police station. Although it could be that I wished they had lifted me up so I could get a glimpse of my hero Trevor Brooking lifting the cup as they stood on the Town Hall balcony. Happily we wandered home.

Ah memories eh. Does the sun always shine in memories, although I have the photos to back it up. It was so bright that day. I can see and feel it still.  And the most wonderful and abiding feeling from this memory is having my mum at my side.

Take care all x


  1. Wonderful memories to treasure.

  2. It is nice to have such memories, thank you for sharing Hazzy