Sunday, 30 August 2015

Beware: Holiday Post


I hope you are not all fatigued by another holiday post. It is the season for them though and I am still too excited by mine to not mention it...endlessly to anyone who might listen.
When I first got back into work one of the first things I did was order passports, one a month. Then I thought about booking a city break somewhere for poor son and myself. Many years ago when he was little I had promised him a trip on Eurostar as we would see it each time we arrived back in London for a visit. But he mentioned he had been on loads of trains but never a plane. He said no more. But that widened the field of travel and I got to planning. The only problem was I love everywhere and could not narrow it down. Asking him he chose Moscow but we didn't time to get visas so his next choice was Berlin. 
It all ended up being rushed because my brother suddenly became free to dog sit the following weekend. So the plane tickets where quite dear but the hotel price made up for it. And the fact that I didn't have to worry about Susie was priceless.  
So with bags packed and measured...Ryanair is so picky...we were off. I felt totally out of my comfort zone probably due to the fact that the last time I flew my son had no teeth. In fact the last time I flew I booked it at a travel agents and did not even own a mobile phone. 

Berlin was amazing. 
Although it was extremely hot and crowded we enjoyed every minute. So much history to see in such a small time so we cherry picked our choices and worked through them. It only included one museum, the DDR museum gives a great overview of live in the communist state. It gradually gets darker as you go round and you learn about the inequalities and the Stasi.
So much is free to see and as you wander round you find pieces of the wall and checkpoints packed with info. I was very impressed in the way they do not cover the past up and are openly educating.

My son and I discovered a mutual love of just mingling into the city. Mooching around streets and shops, catching a bus and hoping it took us somewhere vaguely near the intended destination, using the U and S bahn, people watching whilst sheltering from the heat. Food played a big part especially with a teen boy in tow. Oh my excitement at shopping in a real German Aldi, sad I know. Kaiser was a great supermarket and encouraged healthy eating - my, did we have to search for the chocolate...found it though.
By the evening the temp dropped from the high 30's to a much more manageable heat and it was very relaxing sitting out at tables or benches at restaurants with a cold drink. It was much cheaper than I expected, I think our dearest meal was about 25 euros.

We especially enjoyed the Turkish quarter for walking and eating in. The canal area seems to attract quite a bohemian crowd but also families. In fact with the weather it put me in mind of a Mediterranean country especially with the unhurried manner the restaurateurs had. Especially when the accordion player turned up.

Look Rachel Bundesliga on the TV

I had better stop now but I'll be back with more if you don't mind as it has been a wonderful experience. Next stop Moscow hopefully, well maybe for his 18th next year - best get saving.

Take care x


  1. Oh wow, Haz I am loving it all so much. Memories and all the things I like. People watching and walking around and bars and street food and everything about the history of the city is there in front of you. I am going back through your photos all again. I love it. And then your room and the tv set and you had the football on. Perfect. Thanks, I am envious of your trip. I bet you will go again. And what a day for the Hammers

  2. Thanks Rachel. I'm glad you liked it, I could have gone on forever with this post. I'm still so excited by it all. It really was perfect.
    It's been a good weekend to be a Hammer for sure x

  3. Wonderful times, its nice to hear you had such a great time, sounds idyllic.

  4. It's good to hear you had a great time and the pictures are fab. Looking forward to the next instalment.

  5. Thank you everyone, it was great x