Sunday, 16 November 2014


Decided to  chop and change yesterday's post. It seemed to moany.

Colouring my hair at the moment. I had the beginnings of grey in my thirties now in my forties I reckon if I ever saw my natural hair colour again it would now be fully grey. When I last had my hair cut properly the hairdresser told me the back isn't as grey.
I had a spell of blonde highlights, then blonde. But the upkeep was a pain, I don't enjoy hairdresser visits that much. Now I get a cheap bottle from super drug and splash it all over. Not tested on animals but loaded with chemicals. I tried a less chemical formula but my hair laughed in its face, went very dark for a few days then an awful colour. It didn't even touch the mallen streak I seem to get on the side. Dyeing the back is awkward now I don't have my ma to help. Still I can't see that bit.
I seem to spend a lot of time these days disguising or removing hair. It must be my age. Still beats spots any day.

Taken me ages to write this so...afternoon.


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