Sunday, 14 September 2014

sssh! don't tell

Hello, thanks for comments on my last post.

I've not told anyone I blog. Well except my son and big sis, although they don't know the title to look it up. I'm not secretive, private yes, sometimes shy but not often.  And  I do not write anything I would not say aloud. And yet it has become quite a personal thing for me but I can be like that with things I write.

I love the wide variety of people in my blog feed. So many people I would probably never get the chance to hear from ordinarily. And some even post photos which is great for a nosey person. I blame the nursing for nosiness. I do love to know how people live their lives. I still have that bouncy puppy enthusiasm/curiosity for  blogging. It's like when I first started home ed and was happy to discuss all aspects of it. Then all of a sudden 10 years later I was a bit burnt out by it all and avoiding the happy puppies that bounded up to me full of enthusiasm because they had just started it. Bet I sound a right narky cow ha. But doesn't matter I suppose cos it's my blog and I can be narky.

Now just so there is a point to this post I will mention this website. It has just been on a tv show and sounds wonderful.



  1. None of my friends know that I bog too, just my family that I live with and my dad. I too don't write about everything that goes on in our life because some things are just too private.

  2. My family know that I blog, but I don't share it with friends.

  3. Pea knows that I blog and likes me to read out the odd post to her....god knows why. I don't mind telling people that I blog but only if it happens to fall into conversation. You don't sound like a narky cow Hazzy......well not that narky......

  4. None of my family know I blog, a couple of friends do. I try not to go into too much detail about our lives. I wouldn't post if hubby and I had a big row or anything but I want to be able to write my opinion on things, it's quite therapeutic to be able to say things sometimes that I would be too polite to express to somebody !
    Your link looks really interesting and I'm hoping that a couple of the boys would like to join in with it x