Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Distracted by fresh air


Have been terribly distracted so have not been posting. Have not even been able to settle to read a book. Other than job hunting my brain won't settle to much. I have made myself sit still for this as not posting anything has begun to irritate me. I've not even settled to read many blogs either, not even the ones I have read avidly for a year.
I am not sure what the distraction is. It's like my brain is in a jumpy anticipation state. I have no idea as nothing is particularly happening apart from regular life.

Sixth form is under way and there is much excitement and motivation. Me, I'm just enjoying not ironing uniform. I hate ironing. I love washing and drying the clothes but that flipping iron is my nemesis. The clothes just get all creased again. It's like floor cleaning and dusting - the dirt is back in days. It could just be that the house is very shabby now and it irritates the virgo core of me. Not worth updating the stuff even if I could afford it.

The job hunting carries on. Yet another rejection today for a job I could do blindfold. But have found another few to apply for that I much prefer. Cannot get down about it yet as we have enough to eat etc etc. It's not like me to be so glass half full. I may even become irritatingly perky one day. But I doubt it not with these bloody early mornings. Even fell asleep this afternoon for a few minutes. But that may be the bread.
Bread. I love it but it hates me. It's back in the house because of packed lunches and the lure of marmite toast in the morning is too strong. The IBS cramps that may ensue will get me back on the straight and narrow.

Potentially the early mornings will soon disrupt the sparky electric currents in my brain and lull me back to normalness.

I know David Sedaris gets mentioned on a few of the blogs I read and I enjoy him as well. But today on radio 4 Tom Wrigglesworth did a programme that had me in tears. I could barely focus on the bol I was cooking. It was the 6.30 pm comedy slot.

I am a bit broody. But not for a baby (oh no I meant it when I said never again as that really bloody hurt). I would like another dog. However I feel Susie would not. Keep looking at websites of the local animal rescue centres. Have seen so many but I get the strong feeling to wait. Something may come along that needs me/us.

Well have posted even though its not the one I planned and I may even be a devil and not preview it.

No I previewed. Didn't edit though.


  1. Its a bugger when the mind plays havoc.....thinking of getting a pal for Bear come the end of the year....but will wait for the right one.

  2. We are also waiting for a canine companion, we have been approved and are now on the waiting list for either a retired or a failed assistance/guide dog.

  3. Its a devil when you can't settle to do anything. Good to know your son is enjoying 6th form.

  4. I would love to get a companion for Ben but he is not lonely, he spends a part of every day playing with dogs in the village and when we come home all he wants to do is eat and snooze. I have days when the black dog huffs down my neck, it is not easy to deal with, I just surround myself with colours and sew.

  5. I would love to get a dog again, I keep looking up different breeds! I think I will wait until we move though. I hope you feel more settled soon x