Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Oi Snow White your men are in the jobcentre

Hello. Thanks for comments need to start answering them like I used to as I enjoy that bit.

I did my 3rd signing on this week. I have had Ballbreaker, Nicey and this week I had Jobsworth. Maybe it will be Dopey next time. It's a fairly painless process for me as I can present a good list of searches and applications I do every day. I mentioned the voluntary data input work I do for a few hours each week. It's at the adult learning centre where I have done all my courses. It's a way of keeping my hand in with the software I have learned and also the manager acts as a current referee for me. Apparently next time I sign on I must sign a form giving the details while the jobcentre then decide if I can continue with it. Even though it's probably the main thing I do that will convince someone to employ me. It's not with a charity and so they have to assess if I am doing something I should be paid for. God give me strength or is just me.

I nearly gained a cat today. A tiny ginger cat who I suspect is still a kitten was hanging around. Have fussed it a lot and also been clawed when she spotted Susie. I have kept an eye all day and she kept reappearing until school out time. But a while later a gentle knock of the door, that always produces hysteria from Susie. I eventually caught up with her and shoved her in the kitchen. Opening the door revealed a mum and 2 little children and a tiny ginger cat happily held in little arms. They had been followed home and were now trying to track the owners. I explained and she decided to pop to the vet in case of micro chips and then would decide what to do. The eldest girl knew what was needed as little ginger curled up for a nap in her arms and I had to agree with her. Sadly I knew that little kit deserved all the love the little ones were desperate to give. I asked them to pop back one day and fill me in on Ginger. We were all unanimous on the name.
Half hour later they were back. No chip and unusually Ginger is a girl. But also the man of the house has spoken and Ginger cannot live with them. I wish he had been there to see his little girl crying clutching the cat. Tears dropping into her fur while all the little kids off the street wandered into the garden to see what was occurring. Lots of volunteers to take the cat home until I pointed out it was not mine to give away. Wonder how many angry parents would have been round this evening if I'd agreed.
My plan was to make her comfy while we were out at football practise but with the outhouse door ajar. Dinner time may be the time for her to return home. We dashed back equipped with kitten feed but so far no kitty. O well. Will keep looking though. Hopefully she is happily curled up asleep at home with a lovely full belly. Still think she was too tiny to be out and about all day.


  1. One of my neighbours shuts their cat out during the day, the poor little thing begs to come in to the rest of us. We all have dogs and one has cats of his own.I would happily let him/her in but Ben will chase any creature that runs and is not used to cats. If it continues when the weather changes I will be having a few choice words with him.

  2. The jobcentre staff are priceless, you are damned if you do volunteer work and damned if you don't. I don't understand what it is to do with them what you do in your own time. Good luck with the job hunting.

  3. Keep your chin up, jobsworths love their rules and regulations! Poor little cat, I hope she finds her way home, and I hope its a good one.

    1. she's not come back but am keeping an eye out x

  4. I'm surprised you haven't come across Dozy yet, that's what I've heard about job centre staff here!