Wednesday, 24 September 2014



Am not posting much at the moment. Not much is happening really. Same old same old and although not too boring for me could potentially send you to sleep.
My job search area has widen and my chosen occupation is as flexible. Sixth form for the lad seems to be going well and the dog is getting more and more neurotic. Did I mention her aversion to loud engine noises, which makes a walk in a city park a bit tricky. I am trying to find rescue remedy for pets...if anyone has found a shop that sells it I would appreciate a quick comment telling if you've time. My poor little doggy I hope it may settle her a little, the human version is no good as is preserved(!!) in alcohol.

I did my work experience/voluntary data inputting this morning. Always nice to be sat at a desk working away...even better to receive some pay one day. There was a mention of some petrol expense a while ago but that's gone by the by for now I reckon. I get a great referee for my cv for it so fair play. Then I had a couple of hours with 2 great friends. We became friends through our boys playgroup and 13 years later we are consoling and comparing the terrors of having teenagers.

I'm having car trouble. It's an old un and at the weekend I spent £340 on her. Now there is a rattle noise that has replaced the shake of the old clutch. Sigh. She has a new clutch, new tyre, new exhaust and a handbrake that now works. Weirdly one of the hubcaps is getting very overheated. So back I soon as I hear back from my mechanic. Who is a wonderful and trustworthy youngster who keeps me on the road with the odd assist from the AA - one tiny screwdriver in the road but my little car managed to seek it out and drive over it and blow the tyre to kingdom come. Probably the same locator that finds every single pot hole.

But you know what none of that matters. I have a regular band of people I dog walk with. And there's a few we meet occasionally. One of who is very ill and having a lot of medical treatment. When I see the look in the eyes of the partner and carer - the helpless half - I know that nothing matters other than having health and happiness for the people around me and myself.

Take care. x


  1. So true, we are supporting my friend "The helpless half" who has just lost her partner who was also my friend, Dad and plumber all in one terrific bundle, he will be sadly missed.

    Here's to looking after the helpless halves wherever they are x

  2. You are so right there is nothing more important than your health.

  3. I'm surrounded by people with health issues in my work and with my Mum and step dad. Upon meeting a neighbour last week who celebrated her 70th birthday and looks and seems about 15 years younger than this despite being the same age as three of the people I know with health issues it really does bring to my mind the importance of health.
    Same old is good sometimes, it means there's no drama!