Wednesday, 15 April 2015



Thought I would answer the comments from my last post in my new post.  The messages were very interesting, I have read them over many times as they gave me a lot to think about. I will take a bit from them all. Thanks for sharing and taking time.

Rachel - that's exactly what will happen, I will always be pleasant but it will remain at that. This is also due to time constraints, I can't even keep up with friends as it is some weeks let alone make new ones. I suppose friendships can be on many levels, acquaintances probably . And it is rare to find one that is spot on.

Atilla and Bridget - we share some things in common and unfortunately have been judged for them.

Pam - you have probably made such a difference to that couple, having pushed a wheelchair on many occasions.

Carol - I have to be honest and thought 'nah' when I read your comment and then the other night I realised that actually you are spot on.  'Another chance' is right because I may be able to pass on some of the understanding of dementia I have to that person. Although they won't be a buddy as such it can still be a friendship on some sort of level and promote an understanding of dementia.

Sorry if that rambled and was repetitive I am sooooo tired but really wanted to answer.Also I do not want my blogging to lapse again. I love to read and partake in comments as it's like having conversations with a wide variety of people.

Possibly years ago I would have shied away from dementia sufferers but now my heart just aches when I become aware that someone probably has it.

Thanks blogger friends you are appreciated. Now I am off to read about your lives. Take care all


  1. I too love reading my comments! Maybe it's because people who bother to comment are like minded and actually have something to offer. Unfortunately I don't tend to meet many people like that in real life! Hope you managed to get a good sleep! X

    1. Thanks Bridget. Also I love blogs like yours that still offer a little window into the home ed world now that we are out of it x

  2. I'm a comment fiend! Love to give and to get! I love blogging best of all, it suits my nosiness down to the ground!