Thursday, 23 April 2015


Hello all

Have a post I want to write but it is one I really need to take time and put thought into it. I don't have the energy to put what is in my head onto paper/pc yet.
I went to the docs again about my ears and it seems I have another ear infection. it was a planned apt due to my previous bouts of deafness. I actually refused the antibiotics this time as they make my stomach cramp. So the doc has given me a steroid nasal spray that has made my throat hurt. I don't suppose there is much more to be done yet. I did wonder if I could be referred to ENT in case they can offer more than just meds. Although I suspect that would be grommets like little kids have for glue ear.  I think I'll have to go through the meds route first which will hopefully sort this out.
I have had a low level pain in one ear whilst the other one is blocked and usually trilling away with tinnitus. I had blamed my extreme tiredness on the early mornings and late nights. However it often is a sign of infection with me and I still haven't twigged this it seems. Also I must  have adjusted to the low level pain and discomfort.
Not a big problem or illness luckily but I suspect people are getting a bit bored of me constantly saying pardon, especially poor son. Especially when I accuse him of teenage mumbling.

Have got my seedlings off to a start. Beans, peas, toms and courgette in a first batch. Is this called successive planting? I will do a second batch and hopefully avoid the gluts of one thing like last year.  I do love when the little shoots pop up.

This is about as exciting as it gets at the moment.

Take care


  1. I am now intrigued to see what you are going to write about. Suspense indeed. I hope your ears get better soon. I use warm olive oil to clear deafness which I get from time to time. It takes patience and sometimes weeks of application and massaging of neck with hot flannels. But I have never had an ear infection. Sometimes the build up of wax can cause one of my ears to ache, a lot. Good luck.

  2. Ooh nasty, I have just got over a bout of ear pain and deafness caused by hard wax building up. I hope that you can get this dealt with promptly. I now put a couple of drops of olive oil in each ear on Sunday nights. Fingers crossed for you.

  3. Ear aches can be a nasty thing, hope it clears up soon. Yes I too have seedlings on the go and intend to start some more over the weekend so that we don't get gluts of one thing. Hope you have a good weekend.

  4. Hope the ears get sorted out. Constant pain is so draining.
    My son has been sowing loads of seeds here, he's my gardener!