Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Oily Feet

Hello all.

Hope you are well.

I always feel relaxed and a bit more in control of things when the jungle of a lawn is mown...mowed. It's quite a job as it undulates and has a couple of large lumpy ants nests. However I am now sat indoors trying to ignore how much hoovering is needed and mopping  but I can ignore that. Just don't look down.

Rather excitingly the first mange tout have arrived even though the plants are rather little still. The potatoes are popping up at a good speed and the good old courgettes are coming on nicely. Such a lovely feeling being able to grow a bit of grub.

I am doing a sponsored run soon. No one is more surprised than me. Although we do not plan to run because...well we don't run but also my aunt plans to be with us. I don't know if you remember that at New Year she had to break it to us she had cancer. Well she is now coming to the end of her chemo and really wants to do the run as she has done for previous years. However the chemo has depleted her white blood cells and she has had 2 hospital admissions due to neutropenia. This has delayed what we hope is her final chemo. She is a tough lady so if anyone can do this it will be my aunt. I was a bit torn as it's for a charity I am not to keen on but they have asked me to join in. So I have put my ideals aside and have now received my number. Have even been on the indoor bike a few times for a bit of training.

Gluten free had slipped to gluten reduced but o my goodness after a poorly time I am gf free with new vigour. I also would like to drop quite a bit of weight so I am trying that as well. Bit easier in hot weather I find. I often fill up on diet pop but not this time. I am also combining it all with giving up aspartame. Phew! New me I am hoping. Although my boss objected to the smell of my raw cabbage lunch the other day. But he won't have to worry as I soon sickened of it  and the next lot went in the bin. Back to gf free sandwich thins today. Yum!

Just wondering if anyone has any experience of unrefined coconut oil and dogs. I use it as a beauty product and found the dog licking up a bit. She loved it. And is now trying to lick my feet where I have just slopped loads on. Have had a quick read on the internet but still a bit undecided.

Take care am off to read your blogs now x


  1. Good luck with the run, your health regime seems to be going well. Hope all goes well with your Aunt and she is given the all clear soon.