Monday, 8 June 2015

Tippytoe Tree


Hope you are all well. Thought I would enjoy these few quiet moments with a new blog post. It's chucking it down so I cannot do anymore in the garden at the mo. The radio is chattering away and Susie is snoozing at my side. For some reason my new neighbours have decided to have a massive bonfire in the rain?? Just a tad smokey and a bit near the fence for my liking. How I long for a field to sit in alone ha...obviously with a bit off shelter on days like this. Although the skies are clearing now however the grass will be much too wet for a mow. Shame. I'll just get on with this post instead.

I changed the 'about me' section of the blog the other week as it occurred to me things had changed a lot and my intention for the blog had. One of my aims last year had been to be a smallholder, has been for years really but I realise to achieve owning a property my work hours will need to increase. Leaving little time for smallholding on a serious scale. I even wonder about my dream of a rural property maybe semi rural will be more suitable. I'm not a planner though so these changes to my aims don't worry me. I will just see what occurs in the future. I will still grow things and really want some hens. Mind you a goat or sheep would be wonderful. And they musn't be lonely. Of course some more rescue animals could be housed. Mmmmh this could be snowballing again.

I am catching up with my veg in pots. The first lot of courgettes, beans and peas are out and looking good(ish). Bit nibbled already. I definitely had beginners luck with the weather last year. I do love checking on them before and after work. Am going to pick my first lot of spring onions this week as they are getting massive.

I have my first official day off tomorrow. I have no school run at the moment and am not needed in on Wed and Thurs so will have a nice bit of freedom. Although will probably spend a lot of it being excited about having the time and not quite achieve much. I am still enjoying work due in part to the variety of work, the freedom I am given and the people I work with. I laugh a lot while I am there as there are some strong characters with a wonderfully wicked sense of humour that I get. Into my 8th month now.

I took this photo on a dog walk for the blog. It's a tree on stilts it would appear. Any idea how this happens anyone? I just wondered if the ground had eroded exposing the roots.

Take care everyone. Have to dash now so am just hoping no typos as no time to check, only just noticed the time.



  1. I always dreamed of a small holding with chickens and goats, not sure it will ever really happen but its nice to dream. Keep dreaming, you never know....

  2. Hope you had a good day off Hazzy with better weather. That tree is amazing- I don't think it can be erosion but have certainly not seen it before. :o)

    1. It certainly is odd, might have a google for an explanation x

  3. A smallholding is not for me. I have enough trouble growing a few veggies in pots and we have far too many slugs and snails in the garden and not enough wildlife to feast on them. I haven't done much in the garden this year but from now I will tidy it up and next year I plan to grow a few more veggies. Less gala preparations.

    1. All mine are in pots. I chose easy things like courgette and beans x