Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Skipping away

Hello all.

Funny ol day. Sometimes I wake up in a panic similar to when I was unemployed. I have to talk myself round that things are on the up and calm down. The feeling does not last for long and it's usually on the mid week break I have due to being part time.
The only downside to work is that I do not move as much as this time last year and so I know a few extra pounds of weight have taken root. I would dog walk at least twice a day for quite a few hours. I also swam when I could afford it. I was determined to be busy and it kept my mind busy and kept the already mentioned panic away. Exercise is going to have to figure in my life and I am pondering it (whilst sat on me bum doing nothing).

Suse and I had a nice walk in a nearby country park today. It's a lovely place but I found I was totally distracted by cute goslings and the heronry. It is also full of Monkey Puzzle trees or Monkey Tail trees as I insisted they should be called when I was little. They are amazing up close oh and very sharp. There is a mulberry bush which always make me want to skip round it singing the nursery rhyme. If I ever had to do Dessert Islands Discs a few choices would be nursery rhymes as they bring back many memories of childhood. Due to my mum. One in particular that I could never remember all the way through was 'I had a little nut tree'. Even now I can hear my mum patiently reciting it to me. I also had to just check the title on google. Something I cannot remember but I remember so well - oddness.



  1. I am a great fan of nursery rhymes and used to spend hours singing and teaching my 3 daughters, it is lovely to sit back and watch my daughters now singing with their own children.

    1. I bet that is lovely. My mum used to say them to my son x

  2. Nut tree was my ultimate favourite

  3. I was reciting nursery rhymes to my 4 year old granddaughter the other day and my son remarked that he'd never known her sit so quietly. I advised him to say nursery rhymes to her as it is very calming for a child to hear and he said, "I don't know any!" He doesn't know any????? I spent hours on end telling him and his brothers nursery rhymes. Pah!