Thursday, 14 August 2014



My MOT runs out tomorrow. I take my car to a great lad who never cons me and does things as economically as possible. Have texted him a few times over this month but with no reply which usually means he is on hols. I did not worry as for some reason I thought I had a 2 week leeway either way to get it done. I have NO idea where this thinking comes from. What an idiot. I am not an airhead. Honest. I just have moments of big fails.
Going by the dates of the texts I sent I figure the wonder lad has been gone for nearly a fortnight so would be home by Sunday ish. I know clutching at straws now I am. SIGH.
So dependent on the car now because so much we do is flippin' miles away.

To wait or to risk another place.

My poor little car is near to being on her last legs/wheels. Her indicators are still held on with tape and glue.

Yeah I think I just answered that.



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