Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Lazy scroungers unite

Hello, thanks for comments and hello to people who have followed.

I looked up the Harcombe diet after reading Sue's (Our New Life in the Country) post about her blog pal. I stumbled to the Daily Mail website to read what I thought was an article about it. Was more of a promotion. Foolish me read the comments. Someone managed to mention lazy benefit scroungers. Even in a article about a diet. How? The genius of the bigot. Or a wind up?

Why do the words lazy and benefits seem to go hand in hand nowadays. I received carers allowance and was anything but. 'Oh we don't mean carers' they may backtrack. Well I'm claiming jobseekers now I would tell them. Backtrack yer way out of that, you ignorant idiot. I cannot get employment because I took years out to care and now no-one believes I have a functioning brain.
on benefits - yes
lazy - no
scrounger - no.
Then I would poke them in the eye and run away because I'm not that big or brave.

Nothing like an imaginary conversation to help ease the anger.



  1. Well it was the Daily Mail........ xx

    1. Ha I know but thought it would be safe in a diet bit. Live and learn x

  2. Dunno...poking em in the eye seems brave enough to me ;)

  3. You can't stop what people say so just put your head up and walk tall my lovely x

  4. It's so sad today that whatever you do somebody has a negative opinion, but that's all it is somebody's opinion. Although it's not pleasant to be labelled you and people who care about you know who and what you are about.
    I had a friend who on finding out that my son had broken his arm pointed out that her son was always falling in football games and had never broken anything so he must have really strong bones inferring that my child hadn't!
    There's always one!
    You know what you've done in the past, you know you're a good, hardworking person, honestly laugh at them! They must be very unhappy to be so negative x

  5. Only to be expected from the Daily Hate-Mail.

  6. Hold your head up high and ignore any negative comments, you know what the truth is and that is all that matters.