Saturday, 9 August 2014

Staying alive

                                                         My lovely son is 16 today.

                                  I remember gazing into his see-through hospital cot and thinking
                                          'Bloody hell I have to stay alive for 18 years now.'
                                                                      16 down 2 to go. x


  1. Hope you have good fun celebrating 16 is a big milestone. :-)

  2. I remember my 16th, we had a big family get together and when the early milk collection tanker rolled through we were dancing on the lawn. Oh for the stamina now. I hope the day is good for you all.

  3. Have a lovely day with your boy. Mine is 25 now, doesn't seem possible.

    Jean x

  4. Aww I have a 26, 17 nearly 18, 14, and 12 year old. Just about had enough of kids now but my Granddaughter who's eight doesn't care lol. Enjoy the day x

  5. Sweet 16 x your baybeeeee! Have a lovely birthday time! Oh and cake :-)

  6. Happy belated birthday to your son, my eldest daughter is now 30.