Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Nearly Norman/Bin gate!!!!! breaking news edit

hi all and thanks for your comments yesterday, will pop back and answer them.

I reckon Norman was saved by Ian's strop tonight. Although why on earth was his ice cream left on the side? Ice cream gate!!!!!

Love Norman tho and the old fashioned posh lady (with the messy hair and trainers) and Martha and lovely Luis.

Can't bake
Don't want to
Can't cook
Hate competition
love the bake off though.


Thursday now and the bake off kick off has hit the news. 'Bingate'... but prefer my ice cream gate. Poor ol Diana (that's the one) is taking the blame. Nice lady like that, never.

People took time to contact the bbc and complained. Really? Surely not.
Maybe Diana and stroppy baked Alaska lad are actors and this is a publicity ruse. Maybe Mary was worrying her book sales were down.
Maybe I should really get a life.


  1. I agree - Iain should have been given a bye - it wasn't his fault his ice cream was left out...the culprit shuld have been at least censured.....

  2. I don't watch the bake off , took me a while to work out what you were talking about :) I got there eventually, I must try and keep up.

    Jean x

    1. oops sorry, do love that show x

  3. caught that one last night I felt he had been unfairly treated poor fella.