Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Cage me in

Once a week for a few hours I do voluntary data inputting. It's a way of having current IT work on my CV and also my 'boss' will be an up to date referee. It's in a very stuffy room with no windows and one fan that cannot turn due to blowing all the papers around. I sit there knowing I don't need to be there and boy do I have to make myself stay. It's very boring work and repetitive but a means to an end. I think it's helpful to get used to an office environment again as I only realised today I have not worked in an office since 1992. Before nursing and home ed/carer I worked with visually impaired people in a uni. It's a long time and I feel like a free range chicken getting herself ready to be a battery hen again.

On the up:
I have made £25 from a magazine for one of my 'top tips' - no idea which one- which top tip I know which mag.
And I have made my first risotto that did not crunch.

Thanks for all the lovely comments yesterday and people joining me. I daren't list like some people do as I am never sure was here before but it is very much appreciated. x


  1. Oh your famous, well done. £25 is a nice sum

  2. Good for you £25 is not to be sniffed at.

  3. Ooh, don't turn into a battery chook Hazzy! Well done on your 25 quid :-)

  4. Well done on the £25 win.