Friday, 4 July 2014

Back for another try. I do love it when blogs give a good overview of the person writing the entries, maybe I'm nosey but I just love knowing how people live.
I started reading blogs when out of necessity I needed to live very frugally. It became a bit of a challenge and I found the blogs were great support and incentive. Bloggers become like your friends and you listen, learn and look forward to the next post.
I was a carer for years as well as a single mum also home educator. So things were very busy. Then my son went to school and last year my lovely mum got very poorly and died. After the sheer worry and responsibility of caring for someone who was very ill, she also had Alzheimers, the worry of no work or income honestly hardly touched the sides. Of course I am looking for work now having retrained but there's always someone who pips me to the post due to experience. I keep looking at other things to earn but nothing has quite worked yet.
I used to be a nurse but am now looking for office work. This does not thrill me but the thought of what the money may provide eventually does. I would like a smallholding eventually you see. Just a piece of land, the house bit's not quite so important; luckily I love caravans. I want an orchard with hens and ducks roaming free. Maybe a sheep or two, even a goat. And big patches of lavender and mint. So not too much then...
I keep trying my hand at writing to hopefully earn a bit because I have a head full of characters and stories but nothing too concrete has come from that, just a couple of things. After the sadness comes hope though.
The good side of having no money is living simply and I cannot imagine going back even when I do earn. I'm slowly learning to grow my own veg. I have managed a few broad beans, plenty of courgettes (gosh they really grow) and mange tout. Am now waiting with baited breath for the tomatoes and French beans. Hope it all works as I'm a tomato snob. I love British toms, the organic sweet ones and as I could not afford to buy them I decided to grow them. It's all in containers at the minute as we may move eventually. My mum and I shared a house so she had a bedroom, the bedroom is now empty and the government has deemed it necessary to charge me for that room. Even though I saved em a fortune in schooling and caring costs ha. O well. Yeah the bedroom tax is a bit unfair. Its emotionally hard to move on, I've not even managed to sort out the clothes yet. Not a hoarder just its the final thing and for some reason the hardest.
Sorry rambling intro but a pleasure to meet you all.


  1. Hi just found your blog, I also started by reading frugal blogs, I have just started my blog last week, just looking to save as much as possible and you learn so much from fellow bloggers x

    1. Hello. Will have a good look at your blog, its good fun isn't it?