Saturday, 26 July 2014

Greece, Greece, USA, Wales and Egypt.

Is everyone going away but me. Feeling proper sorry for myself. The title is the just the tip of the iceberg of a list of places where people either  are or about to go. Greek Islands are popular as you can see. This could be the first year without a glimpse of the sea and it's all wrong and odd. Finances and family dictate otherwise now. Sure we could pack a tent and some pot noodles and go seek a field but there's no wi-fi (poor son) and who would water the tomatoes (me).

The urge is so strong to go sometimes but I think I'm kidding myself and searching for something that has been and gone. The freedom of a beach holiday somewhere warm where the only dilemma is what to have for dinner. Or the ravages of a UK seaside  where we had to hide from the wind whipping the sand against our skin. Just so we could say we had made a sandcastle. Backpacking on ferries hoping the bus runs on Sundays else it's a long walk to the hostel. All holidays from different stages of life with none to be repeated.

Staying in the here and now can be a drag. I tried sitting in the sun but lasted less than 10 minutes. Without a pool or sea breeze to cool down in it was uncomfortable. Also washing needed hanging and the beans picking. But home is comfy. Dressed in slob clothes, windows open to catch a breeze, pile of books to read and to be written and some days we can have just to ourselves.

Maybe we'll head of to London, where I'm from, for a few days. When this heat has gone. Tried to describe the hell of tube travel in this heat to 'poor son'. Seems a more suitable place for a teen and have oyster card will travel. He should learn about it as he seems headed that way one day. No fields and mountains for me but my time will come. Could truck on down to Brighton, my other homeland. Would get my sight of the sea at least. x


  1. Thanks for following me. Just going to return the favour! We're lucky we have countryside ten minutes in a car one way and beach ten minutes the other. Spoilt or what?

  2. I too am spoilt, my garden backs onto farmland and I am a ten minute walk from the sea Funnily enough we never go there unless we have visitors. Have a look at some of these volunteer type holidays, you get free accommodation, my eldest daughter did it once while she was at university.

  3. We haven't got anything booked either, we do have the sea but just don't go there so much in the school holidays, too many people!

  4. We didn't have a holiday last year but are this year (somewhere special) Do you drive? how far are you from the nearest seaside? what about a trip into the countryside with a stream to build dams and paddle.

  5. No holiday here either. It's impossible with the garden, campsite and chickens. It was September 2012 since we went away. Not even a day off from eggs and chickens!