Wednesday, 30 July 2014


Hi all
thanks for the comments and follows.

2nd attempt at this post as I just managed to delete. Lack of sleep catching up.

Been quiet on the blog but still been dipping in to read them all. Talking of dipping...went for a swim today.

Until Xmas I was swimming regularly 4 or 5 times a week. But gave up to save money. It was a cheap little private pool, bit shabby but was so warm and had no deep end. I am terrified of deep water. No traumatic reason. But if my feet don't touch the floor its a sad sorry splashy sight.
Todays was a regular pool. I figured out where the deep end was and walked around the shallow end ...just to make sure. Then swam for my life. I had to it was freezing. A good swim around an obstacle course of people stood talking or doing handstands. Only got kicked in the head once.
Only managed 50 mins used to do 2 hours.
The best bit - the showers were private with their own doors. Luxury.

The reason for the swim. Football. The season is upon us poor parents of enthusiastic amateur footballers. A season of car parks for me as I wait. We live too far from the team for me to drive home. So car parks in summer, Tesco in winter. 3 lots of training a week so I think I better get me a reward card. x


  1. How bizarre, I searched out one of the local pools yesterday and picked up a timetable. All I have to do now is get a decent swimsuit, the one that I wore to the beach is faded beyond recognition of colour or pattern. Shabby, oh yes. Chic, oh no.

  2. I gave up going to our local pool when a women screamed at my Son for splashing her as he was swimming passed her. He was only 7 and not messing about he was learning to swim. I was so mad I cancelled my contract as the company were aware of the woman but refused to do anything about it.

    The kids could only go at family hour so it's beyond me why the woman chose to go in that hour grrrrrr

    Whinge over lol x

  3. I do like to swim but living on the coast with thousands of holidaymakers makes it quite difficult, all the pools are always busy. Not my idea of fun.

  4. Hi, When I spotted your blog over at Bridgets I just had to come and have a look. I think it was the name of your blog that drew me across. I see you are relatively new to blogging so welcome and I hope you get as much fun out of it as the rest of us. I don't swim I'm a bit of a whimp liking very hot water so I sympathize how you felt getting in that cold pool and I would be like you would need to know where the bottom is:-)

    1. Thanks very much. Your profile pic is great - used to get called crystal tips because of slightly wild hair.