Saturday, 19 July 2014

Fisherman's Friend and Flash Floods

Cooking is not my forte but I struggle on and try as I like to know what ingredients I am eating, I also like to be able to pronounce them. So many convenience foods have chemical sounding things in them. Same with dog food. I source the good stuff and proudly serve it up to the gremlin. She then looks at me and lays down next to her bowl with a sigh. Most times 'poor son' attempts to tuck in, in fact sometimes he actually enjoys it. I appreciate how he always tries it and have now twigged sometimes he lies to please me. So now he says it was lovely but he doesn't think he'd like it again for a while - oh the tact.
But place cheap rubbish in front of them and the joy is evident. Cheap Asda dog food is barely chewed its that popular - just gremlin on that one mind. And the  Aldi fisherman's pie(not friend as I keep calling it) is treated as a gift. Dinner in quarter of an hour, now that's my sort of cooking.

It rained and rained and then it rained a little bit more today. We had to pile out the old towels and sheets against the back door. There's a bit of design issue out back and the water does not drain away and tends to seep over the back door. We've been on red alert as the larder (old coal shed) is in the firing line. I popped out to try and sweep some down the drain and have tried catching some in tubs. I hoped it may help. So far its just a trickle now and the sun is shining. Certainly woke me up.
spot the snails-rescued and released now.
Hope all well with everyone in this eventful weather.


  1. When you consider the distance between us its amazing the difference in weather. We have had only one shower today first thing, no storms as predicted. Hope you dry out soon.

  2. Our day started with the tail end of rain from the night but turned into glorious sun shine.

  3. We were on yellow alert for the rain. It did rain but not much and it was too warm and humid. Hope you are all dries out now.
    How do you manage in the winter with the leaky door?

    1. Hi. I think it was the speed at which the rain fell that made it flood. In winter in rains a lot but at a slower speed so never gets as high. Although it has occasionally in the past. Not been proactive about getting it sorted as landlord a bit rubbish. But was a bit freaked yesterday so did a video to prove it does happen