Sunday, 20 July 2014

Sewing help


Have noticed that some very talented people read my blog. Can I ask for some advice please?

I would like to make the top an open top. Will it work to cut down the middle and hem the sides. It is half cotton and half polyester. Only £2 in sale so doesn't matter if I wreck it. Just wondered if it would hang funny.

The brown skirt is my fave but I never wear skirts these days. I have attempted to follow a you tube video to turn it into wide leg trousers or palazzos. But could not follow what she was doing. It is made from silk.
Does anyone have any advice or know a good place for some? My skills are basic - can hem, invisible mend a bit, put buttons on. So real basic, am just replacing some elastic in some trousers to try and get a bit more use. Am very proud with that so that shows you my level. I do have a sewing machine but we don't get on so I tend to hand sew.
Any advice is great even if its a good book.


  1. Try looking at your local college, school, community centre all the September courses are being published. Depending on your circumstances you might get it free or reduced rates. The top I would risk by cutting it down the middle but I would not risk silk until you learn a few more skills, it really does have a tendency to slip..

  2. Thanks for answering. I may just go ahead with the top but I thought silk was a step to far.