Thursday, 17 July 2014

Waiting in the heat.

It's been a funny ol week - funny in my head sort of funny. Having just gone from a busy timetabled regime we have had a few weeks of not much and it was great really. Exams, courses, schooling all over for both of us. I concentrated on my growing(plants not myself) and writing and worked up to writing this blog.

Then all of a sudden this week I'm just waiting around.

Waiting for words to come into my head. It's like they are swimming around in there but the minute I pick up a pen they hide away. Maybe it is all to do with discipline and motivation. I made myself complete a job application this morning - quite an involved one that wanted to know so much with the same info being repeated under different headings. Bigging myself up on forms is not my cup of tea. I know also that I need to get some stories out there and experiment with a few factual articles. And that's when the words hide.

Waiting for the plants. The deluge of peas is over, the toms are slowly growing, the beans are ok and the courgettes are waning(thank goodness). Am letting two just grow and grow out of interest. There's not much to pick now and I miss it.

This slump needs to stop as I need to earn. And this in itself creates a barrier. Almost like a panic.

I need to stop mooning about and get on and just do what needs doing. Not moaning as I appreciate just what I have. I'm just trying to focus and this seems to be my place to do it. My motivational trick....looking at crofts on Right Move - whatever works I guess.

And this heat is not helping, strewth it's hot. Last night I did a dog walk in the rain then picked that evening's beans in the rain and it was lovely. So cold Tried a bit of deforestation in the garden today but it was just too hot. Perfect drying weather tho on the bright side.


  1. One of my favourite things to do look at crofts my husband and I dream of moving to the Western Isles. One day...

  2. I spent many hours looking at houses all over Wales for years, now I am really here I have to pinch myself. The reality is so much better than I expected. I am having a ball.

    1. That's lovely, am very pleased for you. I have enjoyed your blog for a while now and have followed your move with interest. I love reading as you explore your new surroundings. x

  3. Have you considered planting any winter veg to replace your now dwindling summer crops? I don't do winter crops but my dad does.

  4. Funnily enough I just looked that up the day before. I just might do that as it has been great fun.