Sunday, 6 July 2014

So exciting to have followers and comments, thanks to you all. must stop checking every 10 minutes though.

O lor the courgette pizzas were awful. I made 4 we ate 1 and I froze 3 for later (never). Then we had fish fingers. It was the garlic. I have a garlic squidger press thing and used that for the first time - it was a bit addictive and 5 segments later I finally stopped. The taste and the smell was unreal. It still smells of garlic in the kitchen. In fact if I save the pizzas for when I'm poorly and my taste disappears again I won't have wasted them. I promised my son he didn't have to eat them again....ever. Wouldn't mind he peeled the courgettes off.
Gave the latest batch of courgettes away. But the new load is on the way.

Also, I have my first tomato. Its about 2 millimetres big and a perfect shade of green. Beautiful. So proud. Keep telling them to push harder as I love tomatoes.

Don't raw mange tout taste so green!

I'm not a natural in the kitchen. I texted a friend to ask how to whip cream last week. Once she stopped laughing she texted instructions. Now I could plead I have a lactose intolerant child so cream has never really featured in our lives. Turned out I had bought something called Elmlea that isn't even cream. My favourite cookbook is called 'How to boil an egg', this might explain a lot. I do cook all the time now and have done for years although we do still get personal pizza menus delivered and have a lovely calendar delivered each year from the Chinese takeaway. When I lived and worked in London I had every fast food place within easy reach. My journey from tube station to front door passed so was fantastic....sorry, so bad. Having a child was my turning point, no more bowls of Frosties and a token apple for dinner. Annabel Karmel became my saviour.
No money for takeaways at the moment. Roll on employment. Except I have the frugal bug and the growing green things bug. So may have buggered that up haaa.

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